Snow Viking


1st Floor

Character Category

Crypt Characters

Snow Viking is an Ice Citadel character who roams in the 1st Floor of the manor.


Dialogbox snow-viking

Quote Box Would you like ice cream?
Description Banish Snow Viking, using glacial sword. To melt the ice of viking you might need energy.
Banish Requirements
# of Attacks 2

Glacial-sword Glacial sword (1) / Instant banishment: 2


Energy-3 3 / Instant banishment: 6

Items droppedEdit

Experience Experience-symbol 15
Coins Coins-symbol 35
Charging Items
Item Image Notes
Glacial crown Glacial-crown --
Glacial knout Glacial-knout --
Glacial Warder Glacial-warder --
Snow star Snow-star --
Building Items
Item Image Notes
Archeologist's Lantern Archeologists-lantern --
Digger's Bucket File:Diggers-bucket.png --
Digger's Gloves File:Diggers-gloves.png --
Digger's Shovel Diggers-shovel --
Metal Detector File:Metal-detector.png --
Pick Pick --
Worker's Boots Workers-boots --
Worker's Shovel File:Workers-shovel.png --
Miscellaneous Items
Item Image Notes
Key to the Ice Castle File:Key-to-the-ice-castle.png --