Pumpkinhead biker


1st Floor

Character Category

Full Moon Character

The Pumpkinhead biker is a special character that only appears while the "Semiwolves" and the ?? events are active. You can find it roaming in the 1st floor of the manor.


Dialogbox pumpkinhead-biker

Quote Box Mount up! Mount iron horses
Description Throw burning pumpkin, it will settle pumpkinhead-biker
Banish Requirements
# of Attacks 5

Magic-pumpkin Magic Pumpkin (1) / Instant Banishment: 5


Energy-20 20 / Instant Banishment: 100

Items droppedEdit

Experience Experience-symbol 400
Coins Coins-symbol 4,000
Collection Items
Item Image Notes
Black Horse Black-horse --
Cursed Sword Cursed-sword --
Hooded Cloak Hooded-cloak --
Horrible Tree Horrible-tree --
Flaming Pumpkin Flaming-pumpkin --
Charging Items
Item Image Notes
Aspen Branch Aspen-branch --
Flaming Skull Flaming-skull --
Garlic Garlic --
Good Luck Charm Good-luck-charm --
Silver bullet Silver-bullet --