Just the moments left before you can access the basement. The secret of the Alchemist, new rooms and characters are waiting for you. Complete a few quests and the new adventures will follow soon.

"Approval of the Wise" will become available after the completion of the quest chain. The chain begins with "A Terrible Screeching" quest available after the Lever 25 and leads to opening of the lift.

The full chain is:

1. A Terrible Screeching- collect and charge the Golden Maid collection.

2. Sounds From Nowhere- Explore Library in Silhouettes 3 times.

3. Probing the area- Explore the Fortune Telling Room, Kitchen, and Room 51 in weightless mode 5 times each.

4. The force of resistance- Use angry idol, illuminiati lamp, and tesla coil 15 times each.

5. The Barrier's Origin - Charge the Hand of Midas Collection

6. Secrets Disclosed- Charge the Drinks of the World Collection

7. True Lies - African room in night mode 5 times.

8. The Shaman's Secrets - Charge the Rhythm of Black Continent and Charge Faces of Africa collections. Look for them in the African Room.

9. The path to the elevator is open- Banish 20 Vacuum Robots, 20 TV Robots and 20 Musical Robots.

10. Alternative- Banish 30 Flying Saucers by using Hyperboloid.

11. The Elevator Robot- Collect 50 Runestones by by searching the rooms of the manor.

12. Selenoid Fragments- Banish Robots and play expeditions to find 50 Selenoid Fragments.

13. It's easier than it sounds - Collect 50 oil cans from the rooms of the manor.

14. Accident prevention - Find a boarding pass in the rooms of the manor.

15. Caretakers Signature - Cloakroom/silhouettes, night, and zodiac 5 times each.

16. Primary Instruction - Library/silhouettes, night, and zodiac 5 times each.

17. Admission to the elevator - Hall/silhouettes, night, and zodiac 5 times each.

18. Spiritual Stability - FT Room/silhouettes, night, and zodiac 5 times each.

19. Shooting Permit - Hunting Room/silhouettes, night, and zodiac 5 times each.

20. The Test Meal - Kitchen/silhouettes, night, and zodiac 5 times each.

21. Medical Experts - Lab/silhouettes, night, and words 5 times each.

22. Rules of Wisdom - Oceanic Room/silhouettes, night, and words 5 times each.

23. The value of building an elevator- Complete the events to repair the elevator, and explore it. You can find the parts to repair it by chasing robots.

24. Repair Elevator, use 600 energy to repair it.

25. Search the elevator.

26. Approval of the wise- Charge the collection enlightened minds, search the elevator to find the items. This will allow you into the basement.

27. The Elevator Robot's Phobia- Explore the Elevator

28. "Let There Be Light" said the Elevator Robot- Explore the Elevator to find Matches.