Getting to the BasementEdit

Through the ElevatorEdit

Explantion of how to get to the basement by elevator


Explantion of how to get to the basement by shortcut

Entering the BasementEdit


Vincent de Lyone greets you as you enter the Basement.

When you first enter the Basement, you are greated by Vincent de Lyone.
"Greetings! My name is Vincent do Lyone. Welcome to the Basement! This is a place shrouded in secrets and mysticism. Don't be afriad of the darkness that reigns here. Fear must never be an obstacle for a true adventurer!"

Exploring the BasementEdit

Exploring the basement is similiar to the 1st floor.


Collect it by exploring rooms and completing quests in the basement. This is the Basement's equivalent of Experience of the 1st Floor.


Used to explore rooms. Thie is the Basement's equivalent of Energy of the 1st Floor. When you first enter the basement, you start with 30.

Silver CoinsEdit

These can be used to buy items in the store. Find them in rooms and receive them for completing quests. This is the Basement's equivalent of Coins of the 1st Floor.

Rooms of the BasementEdit

Map here

Characters of the BasementEdit

Room CharactersEdit

List of characters here

Roaming CharactersEdit


  • Navigator - A Navigator will show you the location of the hidden object in the room.
  • Silver Grenade - When you use a grenade, 5 items from the list in a room will be found and blown up, 4 items in "Silhouettes" mode. Grande can be used only in basement.
  • Flash - A flash will light up a room in "Night" mode fro 30 seconds.
  • Time Anomaly - Time anomaly will switch the time coundown off for 30 seconds
  • X-Ray Glasses - Professor Ghageen's X-Ray glasses will highlight hidden opbjects for 30 seconds when you hover over them.
  • Powerful Headlight - Will increase the light circle in the room for 60 seconds.